Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The rest of our Christmas Fun!

Christmas Morning!

My house is still in disarray after Christmas. We have so many toys. I really need to go through them and purge but I feel bad since Avery will eventually want to play with them. Hmmmm

Christmas #2 at the inlaws. 

Love this picture of my beauty

This about the only nap she took for 2 days. Baby girls is not into missing the party. 

Christmas at my Mom's!

Awesome gift for the girls. Lily calls it her wheelbarrow. 

We all got some awesome gifts, ate some awesome food and spent great quality time together. I got a Cricut Expression and look forward to figuring out how to use it!

We had an awesome Christmas and couldn't ask for better family and loved ones to spend the holiday with. We definitely are blessed. 

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