Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread and Christmas light Fun!

Sunday we headed over to my sister's house and had a blast with family and friends working on a gingerbread house and train! Lily absolutely loved it and ate her weight in candy. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't eat dinner because she was so hyped up on sugar!

Sweet Avery is just taking everything in.

Checking out the progress. It took her a minute to actually get into putting things on. 

Hard at work

Sneaking a taste. 

(my kid looks like a rag a muffin most of the time unless we are going out in public. It's not worth the battle to me)

 Adding some candy

Monday night after dinner, we all bundled up and went to look at a local light display. Lily really loved it and we drove around the loop twice. She cried when we had to leave. Here is everyone but me before we left. Even Dixie came along. 

We made hot chocolate (chocolate milk for Lil) so Lily had to have a marshmallow before we left.

 Avery with her refreshment.

I can't believe how fast December is going. I shouldn't be surprised as time just seems to fly these days. 

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