Friday, March 8, 2013


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life rearranged

I have slacked on posting my instagram pics. So here are the past couple of weeks. 

We had a rare warmer day and went on a little walk. 

and tried on our Kimono. 

and took puppy on a walk. 

My Mom used to make pudding for us when we were little and serve it in cute little glasses. So it was a fun treat to make some for the girls. I don't think they are ready for actual glasses yet so we used plastic hearts.

Just a cute picture of my girl after her nap. 

I'm so glad when a picture that I'm in turns out decent. 

Lily is really into picking out things she wants for her birthday. To get her to agree that she doesn't need the toy this very second we have been telling her we will take a picture and send it to our family so they know what she wants for her birthday. This is one of her choices. 

This girl really likes the sit and spin. I had one as a kid and remember really liking it too. 

We have been cooped up in the house for what seems like forever. So we have been trying to get out and one of the only places that has an indoor area to play is Chik Fil a. 

More sit and spin fun. 

Haha, she is such a nut. 

Avery immediately requests to be unbuckled when we are waiting (parked) to pick up Lily. This day she wanted to be buckled up.

Some more snowy day fun. I really hope this was our last snow day. Lily was home from school so we mostly just hung out in our pjs all day. 

And last, a Starbucks date with my Ave. I let her pick what she wanted (fruit snacks, fruit pouch and milk) 

Have a good weekend!
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