Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Okay!

Hey It's Okay...........

  • That I have an obsession with cheese and crackers. But not just any crackers.....

They are amazing. 

  • That Lily wants to be Santa and a Doctor when she grows up. I think it is awesome!

  • That I really loved Brave! Lily was a little unsure of the more intense parts, but it was really sweet. 
  • That I have been watching the new Dallas. I love a good drama in the summer when all the other shows are off. 

  • To really want to do some redecorating. I feel like our stuff is blah and boring. Pinterest doesn't help with that either. I don't think I really have the eye for it though.

  • To really wish I could "do hair". There are so many cute braids and hairstyles but I just suck at it. This is gorgeous.
love love

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  1. Every time I get my hair that length I never braid it, but I totally agree!

    1. Mines definitely long enough I just have no idea how to do it!

  2. Feel free to redecorate with just about anything in our garage!

  3. I just might once you start pulling it back out for the yard sale

  4. I love those pretzel crackers!
    That is too cute she wants to be both Santa and a doctor :)
    I would love to take my little guy to see Brave, it looks like such a cute movie!
    I'm not good at doing hair either haha.

    Stopping by from Hey It's Okay ♥

  5. I need to try those pretzels now!

    And don't worry, I can't do hair either.