Friday, June 29, 2012


Welcome to Insta-Friday! Just a little look into our week with pictures from only my phone. 

life rearranged

My Energy source. These are delicious.

Just a little hiking with Daddy.

What a Diva.

Lily's Perry the Platypus Cookies

Enjoying my pretty nails which have already come off. 

So Elmo had to go in the car with us to run errands. Anyone else's kid have to take half of their room with them on car trips?

Lily's Self Portrait

Riding a bike like a big girl. 

Dixie Doodle's new haircut. She feels so much better. 

Super happy flower from my Mom's house. 

Cheesy grin from the silly girl.

Hanging with my sweetness on a hot day.

And then the sprinkler came out. 

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