Monday, February 27, 2012

Potty Time

So it seems like everything is happening really fast with Lily. First she decides to give up the binky and now the girl is using the potty. I mean really using it, like every time. She is still wearing her diaper at night but big girl panties during the day. She filled up her potty chart in a couple of days and we went to wally world yesterday to pick out her mermaid toy. I am just so proud of her.

We have been keeping the potty in the living room which is were we hang out the most and I usually don't even have to ask her. She just goes and sits down and does her business. She even went in the potty in the car. Ha. We had to go out and run errands and I figured we should bring along a little portable potty just in case. I set it up in the trunk and she did her business. It was awesome.

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